Halsnead Garden Village

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In January 2017 it was announced that Knowsley would be one of only 14 areas of the UK to boast a prestigious Garden Village development.

Halsnead Garden Village in Whiston is Knowsley’s largest development site and will create a vibrant community attracting new people and families into the area alongside providing new employment space, a country park, additional education provision and associated community facilities. Set across several acres, the development will bring the biggest change to Knowsley over the next 15 years and once complete, will include approximately 1600 new high-quality homes and a 1m sq ft employment site.

In June 2017 a masterplan for Halsnead Garden Village was agreed. This document is a clear statement of the Council’s ambitions and vision for the site. The masterplan is based upon Garden Village principles and will to help guide development, with a focus on the natural and historic assets of the site.

Development in Halsnead Garden Village continues apace, if you’d like to know more please visit their website.

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